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Complete Two 10-Button Bar Gun System

Complete Two 10-Button Bar Gun System

Complete Soda Fountain Assembly. Package includes everything needed to setup your own soda fountain system (Add Co2 Tank & Chiller at bottom of screen).

*Note: You can use either a Cold Plate or a Prechiller Unit to cool your syrup lines but they have to be cooled. A Prechiller Unit is a bit more expensive but you just hook it up and plug it in, no ice required. The Cold Plate (default) on the other hand will require an ice bin or sink of ice to set in for cooling requirements.

  • Two 10-Button Bar Guns - 8 Flavor Buttons, 1 Soda Button, and 1 Water Button
  • Cold Plate or Prechiller
  • Lancer Turbo Carbonator w/Backflow Preventor
  • 8 to 16 Shurflo Bag-N-Box Pumps w-1/4" Fittings
  • Taprite CO2 Regulator
  • Norgren Secondary Mini Regulator
  • Tubing: 200 ft - 1/4" lines (for Co2 lines & lines to gun) & 10 ft - 3/8" hose (for water connection) & 80 ft - BIB Tubing (to Pumps from Syrup box)
  • 8 to 16 Bag-In-Box BIB Connectors 4 to 8 Coke, 4 to 8 Pepsi - please specify in comments how many of which)
  • Stainless Steel Connectors and O-clamps
  • Complete Instruction Manual

  • Co2 Tank Not Included, but can add it at the bottom.

    Note: Check your water pressure (water pressure should be between 50-60lbs. If pressure is too high you may need Small Water Pressure Regulator, if pressure is too low you may need a Water Booster.)

  • Weight: 60.000 lbs

    Available Options:

    1/4" Line:

    20 lb. Co2 Tank:


    Cooling System:

    Filter System: